May 20, 2017, 1:00 - 2:30 PM
Wetland Habitats and Their Residents
Location: Bushy Hill Nature Center, Ivoryton, CT
at Incarnation Center
Leader: Phil Miller and Brendan Hylan
From Bushy Hill Nature Center

In this 1.5 hour exploration of a variety of wetland habitats located on the property of Bushy Hill Nature Center at Incarnation Center in Ivoryton, participants will begin with an educational walk through a dry forest down to the protected Atlantic White Cedar Swamp. Enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk through the swamp seeing and hearing a variety of flora and fauna who call it home. Leaving the swamp we will pass a vernal pool, home to our youngest amphibians each spring. Our tour will end at our diversely populated specimen pond where participants will be given nets and observation tanks to catch insects, frogs, turtles and even mini clams! Bushy Hill staff will teach about each of the lifeforms caught before participants and staff release them back into the wild. If you would like to stay longer, a video recorded by Bushy Hill staff using their bioscope to dive into a single drop of pond water will be running inside the Bushy Hill Nature Center throughout the program and up to 30 minutes after. The video shows the extremely diverse microscopic life that makes the specimen pond such a healthy and thriving environment!

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