Potapaug Audubon is a Chapter of National Audubon Society

General information

Potapaug serves the towns around the mouth of the Connecticut River. They include: (starting east) Niantic, East Lyme, Old Lyme, Lyme, East Haddam, Salem, Colchester, Old Saybrook, Essex, Deep River, Chester, Haddam, Westbrook, Clinton and Killingworth.

Since 1978, Potapaug has been presenting a wide range of topics related to nature and environmental issues at their programs and special events. Audience members are treated to guest speakers who are experts, biologists, naturalists, scientists, authors, and artists who educate as well as entertain. Potapaug's new season starts in October and goes through June. All programs and field trips are always free (except for boat charters).

Facebook & Twitter

Potapaug is now on Facebook and Twitter. "Friend" us on Facebook and you will get our program announcements. Post your experiences. Tweet about your Potapaug experiences on Twitter.


Membership to Potapaug Audubon is through National Audubon. There are many ways to join! To become a member of Audubon:

  • Join Online. Becoming a member of Audubon is easy! Go to Nation Audubon's website: www.audubon.org. Hover over the "Join" button. Click on "Become a Member" or "Renew." For new memberships you can choose to join for as little as $20 a year. You may choose a higher amount to pay if you like. Membership benefits to National Audubon include receiving their magazine called "Audubon," receiving emails regarding news on birds and their habitats, plus other special offers. To give monthly to National Audubon hover over the "Donate Now" button and choose "Monthly Giving" or there are other options.

  • Join by Mail. Send your $20 membership payment by check to:

    National Audubon Society
    PO Box 97194
    Washington, DC 20090 - 7194
    (consider donating a higher amount than $20)

    Make check payment to: "National Audubon Society"
    In your check memo section, please indicate “For Audubon Membership ($7.50 for Magazine).” If you are in one of the towns listed above you will automatically be assigned to Potapaug. If you
    want to be a part of Potapaug Audubon and live in towns other than those in our area use our chapter code, D60 when signing up.

  • Join by Phone. Call 844-428-3826

  • To donate to Potapaug Audubon only please contact us by email to obtain information: potapaugaudubon@gmail.com.

Email Notification

To receive email announcements regarding Potapaug Audubon programs and events, contact Potapaug at potapaugaudubon@gmail.com and you will be placed on our email notification list. Emails go out blind. Your email will never be given to anyone or any other organization. You will only receive Potapaug information and nothing more.

Bird Seed Sale

The Bird Seed Sale is Potapaug's only fundraiser and it takes place in November and provides fresh seed for backyard feeders. Seed is never from the year before. Our supplier is Anderson Farm Supply of Portland, CT. The choices are: Striped Sunflower Seed; Black Oil Sunflower Seed; and Wild Bird Seed - all 25 or 50 lb bags. Thistle and Safflower seed are sold by the pound. Suet cakes, bird seed wreaths, and suet feeders are available the day of the sale. Pre-sale order forms go out in October. Check back here, on our home page, at that time to download an order form. If you would like to be placed on the mailing list (snail mail) for the Seed Sale please email us and we will give you instructions.

Christmas Bird Count

The Christmas Bird Count is an annual National Audubon event that takes place nationwide between December 14th and January 5th. This annual count started in 1900! Potapaug's count takes place on the last Sunday of the Bird Count. Our Count area is called "Old Lyme-Saybrook." This is how it works: Groups form in Audubon chapters across the country and are assigned to a specific area within the chapters' regions. Then participants go out, usually at dawn (some go out for the 4 a.m. owl-prowl) to look for as many species of birds as possible. They note each species and an approximate number of how many they saw (or heard) of that species. The species number are given to a compiler for each count circle and one list is created. The Bird Count compiler then gives all the numbers to National Audubon where they compile all numbers nationwide. The purpose of the count is to get an overall feel for what bird species are doing well and have good numbers, and what species are not doing well or could be endangered. The count can be a good indicator of the overall health of a specific geographical area as well. There is no longer a $5 fee to participate and therefore there is no longer a bird count magazine for the paying participants. Participants may choose to go out the entire day, a half day, or stay home and do a feeder watch. To participate through Potapaug email Potapaug at: potapaugaudubon@gmail.com.


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